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Christmas Lunch at Mill Ride was a happy, relaxed affair -

after which Sonja passed the Presidential chain to Moya, for the next 3 months. Many thanks to Kelly and Staff who look after us so well during the year and finally to Sue for organising a topical quiz which was great fun.  Merry Christmas everyone, a very Happy and Healthy New Year especially to those members who were unable to join us today.


Coffee and Mince Pies with Sonja -

has become our way of opening the festive season.  Happy Christmas everyone!


Members and several Rotarians enjoyed an evening of laughter -

and competiveness at the Beetle Drive held at Ascot Day Centre. A lovely supper of wine, cheese and pate completed a very entertaining evening.  Our thanks to President Sonja and members Jacqui and Hilary for preparing the food.  Report & photo by Sue.


CONGRATULATIONS to Shirley our unsung hero! -

And not one to boast!  So many of us missed this important event as Shirley won this competition and chose to donate her cheque of £500 to the ongoing restoration of Cordes Hall, Sunninghill.  Full story here


My Spoon collection, how it started and mirrors my life's travels. -

Ascot member, Hilary Mear explained whilst travelling back to Africa as a teenager her mother decided she needed a project.   Thus began her Spoon Collection.  The extensive travelling which Hilary & her family have undertaken since has provided a wonderful opportunity to build and expand the collection.  She has photographed and written about each spoon creating a family heirloom to be gifted to the following generation.




Collared! -

Tonight we welcomed District Chairman Kate Williamson and her driver Glenys de Thier when the chain of office was transferred from Hilary Mear to Sonja Bowyer for her 3 month term as President.  Kate brought greetings from her own Club of High Wycombe before using an analogy with Ascot Racing to stress the importance of teamwork.  Report and photos by Val



August Bank Holiday? Really- for a safari lunch? -

 Rain? Wind? but no - President Hilary was blessed with the hottest, driest holiday for years!  A great success and many thanks to the gallant cooks and organisers.  Did any one take a dip to cool down?  Photos by Val


Once again IW member, Anne Avens -

hosted Ascot Rotary BBQ.  IW members joined Rotarian families and friends for a very successful event.


Alfresco Lunch: Presidents report -

Tony Strafford, a retired Beefeater, enthralled us all with his talk 'Bishops, Sex and Money' - tales about the Tower of London and Medieval Bishops, a very different breed then with their fingers in so many pies!  Tony's lighthearted but historically accurate talk was given in full costume. We would like to thank our many friends who generously supported the raffle raising over £300 for club charities.


All change at the Top! -

Val composed and read a delightful citation about Sue, our outgoing treasurer of 6 years, it consultant, and general advisor before presenting her with a wonderful bouquet.  Jane, Steph, Jean and Val stepped down from their very successful presidential year.  Incoming President Hilary M presented all ladies with a hydrangea as her first duty in another job-share with Sonja, Moya and Hilary C.  We were then entertained by Rupert Matthews, who spoke on "Women at War- from the Amazons to the 21st Century".


Once again Anne opened up her delightful home -

and garden to club members on Ladies Day at Ascot Races.  We met early for coffee, then enjoyed lunch organised by Val, Hilary and Jacqui before lining Watersplash Lane to cheer the Queen on to Ascot.  The crowd was small but local, young and old all wishing her Majesty the very best for her day.  We loved the open carriage pulled by fine white horses, seeing other Royals including Princess Anne and those gleaming black limos co-driven by man and puppet.


Afternoon tea with Bubbly raised over £350 for "My Cancer My Choices" -

Two Ascot IW members, Ann Avens and Edith Hunter provided a spectacular afternoon tea raising a magnificent sum for the above charity.  This charity, based at Brants Bridge Clinic in Bracknell provides complementary therapy and support to patients with cancer in Berkshire.  Co-President Val, supported by club members Ann and Edith presented the cheque to Operations Manager Victoria and Therapist, Catherine. 


Do you know your own Blood Pressure? -

This was the question asked by Ascot Rotary as they ran a free service and information day for customers at Tesco, Martins Heron. 5 ladies from Ascot Inner Wheel each took a shift.  The Rotary organiser expressed his thanks to Elaine, Val, Chris, Hilary Mear and Moya.  Although not a specific fundraiser this event raised £89 for the Stroke Association.


Discover..Explore..Enjoy..we certainly did at the JL Heritage Centre, Cookham! -

We learnt how the John Lewis Partnership has bloomed under strong family leadership, firm social responsibility and a canny ability to seize the moment.  We saw many textile designs, some dating from the 1790's were used in Royal residences and others in staterooms on the Titanic.  Ah so many memories for us ...  Afterwards we strolled down to the Thames and lunched in The Ferry. 


Our head is ... this heavy? -

Andrea Wynnick from Wokingham Chiropractic centre used a 10lb bowling ball to illustrate the weight our spinal column supports!  It was an interesting and relevant talk.  The evening ended with a brief business session. 


Bluebells! -

Why do we travel far and wide when we have such beautiful sights and smells in our own backyard?  Thanks Jane for all your hospitality and introduction to our local beauty spots!


Posh Afternoon Tea -

raises over £300 for our Inner Wheel charities! Thanks to Anne, Enid and Val who supplied the spectacular tea with bubbles.


Inner Wheel at Rotary District 1090 Conference! -

4 of our members with their Rotary partners attended Rotary District 1090 Conference in Bournemouth.  We were pleasantly surprised to see the work of 2 of our club members , June and Stephanie included in Linda Clarkes IW address to the delegates. 


President Jean hands over to Val- -

our fourth and final President this year.  The same format for the upcoming IW year was approved by the club with Hilary M, Hilary C, Moya and Sonja taking on the presidential role for 3 months each.  Photo by Sonja.


"Silly Socks" Coffee morning with Jacqui -

and the Knit and Natter group supported Association President Zena's chosen charity Beat.  This UK charity helps people with eating disorders.


Ghosts, Apparitions and Poltergeists? Know the difference? -

Rupert Mathews gave us a very entertaining and at times quite scary introduction to our own local spiritual characters.  We welcomed ladies from Windsor and Eton IW to join our 54th Anniversary evening, but felt concerned their return journey crossed so many of the ghostly sightings!  


"Place your bets please!" -

Many Inner Wheel ladies enjoyed a fundraising Casino night with Ascot Rotary Club.  Although the chips were notional there was a real Bond edge to the evening and over £600 raised towards Rotary charities.


Burns Night celebrations with Ascot Rotary, -

partners, Inner Wheel members and guests.  A Scottish-themed evening with all the usual trimmings - the piping in of the haggis, followed by the incomprehensible poem and stabbing, after which haggis, neaps, tatties and whisky was served to us all before the real food!  Geoff Donovan proposed 'a toast to the lassies', and Inner Wheel co-President Val responded, with 'a toast to the laddies'.  A good evening all round held in The Barn, Birds Hill Golf Club, an excellent new venue.



A busy evening with 2 guests from Banbury IW Club, -

District 9 Inner Wheel Chairman, Linda and her driver, Catherine.  There was a good attendance to hear her amusing and encouraging talk using a Newtons Cradle to illustrate the transfer of energy, enthusiasm and action found within IW organisation.  President Jean presented Linda with a club donation for her chosen charity: Kidney Research UK.  Stephanie brought the evening to a close with an excellent presentation.  She updated us on a child centred project, initiated by her and supported for over 10 years by Ascot Inner Wheel.  To date children and carers in Romania, Japan, China, South Africa and Kuwait have benefited.  


IIW day was celebrated twice this year: -

with Windsor & Eton on Sunday 8th Jan, sharing their church service and lunch afterwards and on IIW Day itself, 10/01/17, at home with President Jean.  Club members enjoyed a simple lunch together which raised funds for our various charities.